To book The Amaryllis Chamber Ensemble for concerts, please contact us.


The Amaryllis Chamber Ensemble strives to promote the arts through concert presentations. We typically program a variety of styles of music for our concerts. We aim to connect with our audience through our music as well as educate them about the music they are hearing. From standard pieces of the chamber music repertoire to outstanding works by living composers to singable opera arias and lively tangoes, our aim is to engage the audience and perhaps introduce them to something new.


Our instrumentation varies depending upon the repertoire chosen for the concert. As a concert presenter, you may choose the instrumentation that suits your needs. Our concerts always use a mixture of woodwinds and strings, from flute and harp duos to trios of flute, viola, harp or flute, violin, cello, to flute quartets (flute, violin, viola, cello).


Please contact The Amaryllis Chamber Ensemble for a list of prices. The fee charged by The Amaryllis Chamber Ensemble covers expenses for travel and the salary of the musicians. If you have any questions, please contact us at amaryllis(AT)


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Photos by Emily Ashman, JP Langlands, Hayley Liebmann and Andy Ellingson